Sheep Whey Gin (Rare Aus Botanicals) 500ml

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Besides the Juniper, Ryan's aim with this Gin was to only use Tasmanian native botanicals. He discovered some very impressive native berries, leaves and seeds however they could only be wild harvested which meant he could not get enough quantity to make it practical enough for an ongoing production. He has still been able to use some Tasmanian native botanicals however he has now broadened the list to only Australian native botanicals (plus the Juniper). He is using 6 Native Australian botanicals with 3 of them never used before in any other Gin.

All of his botanicals are vapour infused which is a technique not used too often with Australian Gins. Vapour infusion (as opposed to steeped) will give the Gin a much more delicate and subtle bouquet. Ryan's Gin is designed to smell beautiful. There will be delicate petal and citrus aromas with a hint of freshly cut hay.

40% Alc/Vol


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review