Miellerie Wine Glass of Honey 900g

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The Lady Kunzea of the Coast dances from Flinders Island to Wine Glass Bay. She welcomes the dawn of Tasmania for the arrival of Summer. Her little pink buds burst open like a thousand, sparkling stars! Now, her white blossom shines like velvet lace, where land meets sea.

At Twilight, her rich nectar embraces the air, seducing us to fill our glass with honey, and celebrate the nuptial time for all creatures, great and small. Lady Kunzea sources ambrosial flavours from the white sandy coastline, yielding mysterious nectar with lingering after tones of earthly ripeness. The Mariner’s marinade.

Net Weight 900g 

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 Please Note due to Quarantine restrictions Tasmanian Honey is not available to be sent to Western Australia, Kangaroo Island and New Zealand.


NOTE: This honey is currently out of stock for this season. We are looking forward to this Summer's harvest.