Heritage Honey Leatherwood 1kg

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This summer's beekeeping season has been a challenging one with the beekeepers beekeeping in and around the fires at Lake Pedder. To appreciate the magnitude of the fires visit firecentre.org.au/the-2019-tasmanian-fires-so-far-what-has-burned-and-where/ .  The long term impacts of the fires, on the floral resource around Lake Pedder, are yet to be determined. 

Tasmanian beekeepers lost bees and hives to the fires, and as a result, our bees only collected a very small harvest of Leatherwood honey (10% of average harvest). We are happy to have collected some Leatherwood honey as some beekeepers didn't. 

You can't miss out on this award winning, organic certified Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey. Leatherwood Honey are known for their healing and antibacterial properties, perfect for spreading on toast, baking and in drinks. Leatherwood honey is unique to Tasmania, has a spicy and destinctive flavour and a wonderful aroma. 


**Please note: Honey cannot be shipped to addresses in Western Australia



(No reviews yet) Write a Review