Heritage Honey Creamed Leatherwood 250g

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This summer's beekeeping season has been a challenging one with the beekeepers beekeeping in and around the fires at Lake Pedder. To appreciate the magnitude of the fires visit firecentre.org.au/the-2019-tasmanian-fires-so-far-what-has-burned-and-where/ .  The long term impacts of the fires, on the floral resource around Lake Pedder, are yet to be determined. 

Tasmanian beekeepers lost bees and hives to the fires, and as a result, our bees only collected a very small harvest of Leatherwood honey (10% of average harvest). We are happy to have collected some Leatherwood honey as some beekeepers didn't. 


A creamed version of Tasmanian's unique and wonderful Leatherwood honey is simply something you cannot resist. The sweetness and creaminess of the honey perfectly compliment one another to form a beautiful texture, and even better taste.


**Please note: Honey cannot be shipped to addresses in Western Australia



(No reviews yet) Write a Review