Body Brush - Coir Handle

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This body brush is made from all natural unbleached sisal. The brush does will soften in the warm water and lathers well with your favourite bar of Tasmanian Soap.  The coir handle gives great grip even in the shower with soapy hands.

Like the other brushes in the Eco Max Body Range it can be used as a dry massage brush to help remove dead cells and increase circulation to the skin.

The Eco Max Body Range is an eco-friendly range of body brushes that use natural unbleached and sustainable materials, all beautifully designed and manufactured using fair trade principles to provide a true eco alternative. The Brushes are environmentally-friendly and biodegradable and utilise waste products, coco fibre from the husk of the coconut and rubber wood, a waste product from rubber production and natural unbleached sustainable materials, Alistonia timber and sisal, that can replace plastics in the bathroom. The wire is galvanized so it won’t rust and the cords are all cotton. Even the timber sealant is non-toxic which means it’s animal and child-friendly too. The sisal softens naturally in warm water to give you a vigorous scrub without being too hard and the unbleached coir provides a firm grip even with soapy hands. When the brushes have come to the end of their life, many years from now, they can be added to the compose bin where they will break down naturally leaving only the galvanized wire.